Tarra's View

Tarra’s View

Ruler: Collective Rulership by a council
Name of Inhabitants: Tarrans
Population: 75.000 – 120.000 (Seasonal flux)
Main areas of commerce: Meat and Mineral production, trading.

The city at the edge of Nothing.
The Nothing is the cursed earth from a cataclysmic event that happened 3575 years ago. As it happens this event shaped the world that lived on after it. It is now the year 3575 PP (Postea Portentum).

A great battle between the champions of the people and the champion of Destruction happened on the plains of Elysium. The earth itself shook and trembled with the power used between them. Great rents in the bedrock swallowed whole patches of land. Unfathomable displays of power in the skies summoned thunder, lightning and called down holy fire. The earth started to hiss and steam when the earths warm blood oozed out and met the torrential rainstorms, blanketing the cursed earth in a perpetual layer of steam and fog.

Tarra’s view lies at the edge of the drop off into the Nothing. It is a very large city with a population of 175,000 inhabitants. During trading peaks there can be around 250,000 people in the city at any one point.

Tarrans themselves are regarded as a free-willed people and stubborn. It is said that it takes a special soul to continue living atop of the Nothingness. Tarrans are proud of their independent nature.

The city itself is a city-state. It is governed by a council consisting of one representative from the guilds Traders, Harvesters, Servants of the People and Researchers, and two representatives from the Arcana Doctrina, The Well of Faiths and The Protectors.

Tarra’s View has a seemingly endless supply of cheap and nutritious meat harvested from a vast underground herd. The handling and growing of the herd is closely governed by the Harvesters. They in turn hand over the produce to the Servants of the people, an administrative guild that makes sure the inhabitants of Tarra’s View get their allocated share of produce. In return for this share the people must be registered with the Servants with an address and occupation and pay monthly taxes, most of which is returned when the year turns.

The inhabitants of Tarra’s View consists of mostly humans with sizable parts of dwarven, Elvish and Gnomish. The are small scatterings of Orcs, Goblins, Half-Orcs, Dragonborn, Tieflings, and Halflings.

Tarra's View

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