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Your world is simply called Material. This is because it is, as far as anyone knows, the only plane of existence that is unaligned. There are other planes of existence but they are closely tied to alignment (chaos, law, good, evil, neutral) or element (fire, earth, water, air, time, spirit, radiant and necrotic).

Material is a diverse and extremely old world. The earliest record that can be dated was over 89,000 years ago. Since then several civilizations has risen and fallen. There are theories and hypothesis’ that the world has had sentient beings for a few million years. This has not yet been confirmed, but there are indications that Material has been civilized for longer than that as well.

Your part of the world is called The Cradle. A very fertile land with a vast desert to the south, an insurmountable mountain range to the north, a impassable ocean to the east and west. The western part of this continent is a civilized human empire called The Tirano Empire. It has existed for over a millennia and has been ruled by the Principes family for 670 years. The current ruler is named Marcus Principes the First of His Name.

3575 years ago a great confrontation occurred between a group of champions of the light and a champion of destruction. The fallout after such a massive fight is now known as The Nothingness, a crater filled with dark mist. Nothing has ever come out of it and anything going into it has never been seen again. .

7 Champions of Light battled the Champion of Destruction and they are known as:
Aldenerd the Balanced, F├╝ranara the Merciless, Killian Siegebreaker, Wlarvintra Cloudshaper, Tarra Brenthold, Surgei the Unwilling and Xorn.
Tarra was the only survivor and she founded Tarra’s View and started its successful meat trade.

There are several nations but the most notable ones are The Tirano Empire (Human Monarchy), The Dwarven Nation (Dwarven Hagiacracy ) and the Sidhelien Court (Elven Magocracy)

Tarra’s View is a city-state and independent from the other nations.

Magic has always existed. It has shaped the rise and fall of civilizations. It is the unifying force of all the planes. Permanent magic items are extremely rare and those that acquire such an item shape the destiny of people around them. Expendable magic items are more common. Such as scrolls, potions and items that degrade over time and/or has charges that can’t be replenished.

The year has 360 days and the consensus among the races divide it into quarters of 90 days each.
01-90 First (Spring season)
01-90 Second (Summer season)
01-90 Third (Fall season)
01-90 Fourth (Winter Season)
This calender is used by the Elves (that invented it), Humans, Dwarves, Halflings and Gnomes.

General Information

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